Eraserheads the Final Set ...the burning of the Sticker Happy Piano.

There is a price for everything. Throughout the gig, it was noticeable in the close-up shots that Ely was not well. Francis M just died the day before. Its understandable. But a million more thoughts could be going in his mind. Lets remember that his mom died a few days before the first reunion concert.

Is this the price of nostalgia?
Is this the price of re-living years of innocence?
Is the the price of granting thousands of wishes?
Is this gesture a sign that there will no more reunions in the future?
Was a reunion too much to ask that fate somehow took something in return?

In showbiz, these kinds of actions can be "scripted" but you can tell that Ely's emotions were very true. He looked like he had angst towards the piano. He was beating the crap out of the piano after he burned it. Did he he feel partially responsible for the recent unfortunate events that happened? Was it too much to be a coincidence? Maybe. But still...

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