Filipina Soul Music Goddess - Kat Agarrado

Yet another gem in the Filipino Music scene.

Kat Agarrado voices the Filipino Soul/Jazz group Sinosikat? which has spawned hits like Magic, Truning My Safety Off and So Blue. She is also an endorser for C2 singing the theme for the product "Best About C2 Life"

Kat Agarrado

Playful Katrina.

Kat agarrado - vocals
Strong and independent front woman Kat Agarrado has been singing professionally since the age of 17, harnessing a talent that was evident early on as she made the rounds in local music competitions. Many years in the industry have exposed her to a wide range of musical styles, from hip-hop, RnB, jazz, standards, to electronic music, for various bands including Kindred Garden, and Passage. She also occasionally does session work with the legendary Pinoy Rock icon Wally Gonzales, rendering blues and classic rock songs in her uniquely raw and powerful style. Despite her impressive range, the desire to develop her own voice has haunted her and has led her to form SinoSikat?, where she is free to produce vocals which are purely from her heart and beyond stereotypes.