Laptop Touchpad Tips

To all who religiously check their Multiply or Facebook accounts using laptops (like me) this might be a useful trick.

So after six months of using my laptop I recently discovered some tricks with the touchpad. I had purposely avoided using the touchpad as it was hard to navigate with it and I found the lack of scroll and the third click very annoying because I am a big Firefox user. (third click opens a link in a new window automatically and it also automatically closes a tab)

But just recently I found out a few nifty tricks that are very useful with my laptop touchpad. This might not be applicable on all laptops and you might already know this but what the hell.

I found out that scrolling up and down the right-most side of the touch pad does not move the mouse pointer but rather scrolls the page (be it a webpage or document or whatnot.) And touching two points at the touchpad replaces the third-click command on the mouse.

I had thought that laptop touch pads are resistive since laptops have been using touchpads for a while and capacitative touchscreens are fairly new technology. But the fact that they are used with touch means they might not be resistive at all

Anyways hope this helps.