Another Reason Why People keep Patronizing Piracy

The media, every now and then, publish figures of losses due to piracy. Its supposed to amount to the millions which at some point can be believable.

One of copyright holder's attempt to reduce if not eliminate these losses is to get the public to think about all the actors and musicians working hard for their art but are not being credited properly due to piracy.

I know and I believe that they have their rights and they should be recognized for their efforts and talents but that statement is hypocritical to me.

Before piracy boomed, these kind of people probably had enough money to wipe their asses with it. But even with pirated content now everywhere, they are still living their extravagant lifestyle. Are these people saying that they are not contented with their 16-bedroom houses with tennis courts and home-theater systems and million-dollar rides?

If the published money looses are indeed true, then someone out there is really getting screwed up and not getting paid enough. That I believe. But dont give us crap saying actors and musicians are not getting enough. Please.