Pinoy Celebrities should not be called ARTISTS all the time

I am annoyed by how everyone keeps calling Filipino actors and actresses as ARTISTS. They are literally translating the term artista and it is not good. Some of them might be artists but for formality's (and righteousness') sake, lets use the correct term = actor or actress.

An artist is someone who thinks highly of his craft and strives for excellence on the art that he chose. Musicians, painters, photographers who are passionate about what they do are artists. Many actors are artists, they strive to perfect their craft and try to improve which each new project.

But lets face it, a lot of them don't care about their craft and are just there because they are doing their job. There is nothing wrong with that. If acting is what you do, then by all means do it. I don't think anyone has a problem with that. But lets stop referring to these people as artists. They are actors.