Eraserheads FINAL SET DVD release being stopped by Telco giant SMART

The concert sponsor is allegedly halting the release of the reunion concert Final Set DVD.

Smart Communications does not want the DVD to be released and would rather have fans directed to their web site for viewing. What a bunch of assholes! Aside from ensuring that there would be no gig for the Heads for the next ten years, Smart is now stopping the release of the DVD.

According to an online petition, the DVD is almost done and should be ready for release soon. If we can remember, the first reunion concert DVD was released five months after the show meaning that it is possible that the Final Set DVD is ready.

I am very disappointed with Smart. They could have been heroes by sponsoring the Final Set, but all they are now are greedy corporate machines bent at nothing but making more money.

An online petition is active and I am inviting you to come and sign in even if your not a Heads fan. Please sign up if you believe this is wrong.