Found My Old KARTOON CHEM cd.

I thought I lost it forever.

I was looking for old PS1 games and saw my old tan Kartoon Chem cd containing six songs of which I don't even know the title of some. Still pretty cool!

I got it from a good friend who I think got it from KomArtSok around 04 or 05 I think. If I'm not mistaken, I got this for a hundred bucks (cd included) cause they were trying to raise funds as they were planning to go mainstream then. I got it just before I left the University.

Kartoon Chem is perhaps most popularly known for performing a Jack n' Jill jingle for Universal Robina. But in Los Banos, they are mainstream stars, performing live for popular plays like Ice Bag. That's actually how I first heard about them.

But Googling them these days doesn't seem to provide any popular or updated news. I wonder where they are now?

The tracks on this particular disc includes (Im not sure of the titles though):

Ngayon o Bukas
Shotgun Wedding
Ice Bag
LB Life

I remember being able to listen to this CD for hours with just the six tracks on shuffle and repeat. I want my LB life. I miss Los Banos - such a wonderful place. I think its the only place with at least three songs written about it (LB Life, another one from Sugarfree and another one by another local LB band.) I miss those days.

Patapos na ang klase
Brad, sis, Org-mate, bloc-mate, classmate, dorm-mate, house-mate, tara na
Lets celebrate
Sa Hum Steps mag-yosi break!
Hiking sa Peak Two
Picnic sa Flat Rocks
Moni sa Jamboree
Date sa Fertility Tree...

UPLB this is our school!

I want my Lb life...