Gender equality should include stripping women of some of their privileges legally, morally and socially.

I just saw an old tweet from Senator Pia Cayetano about how gender equality should be pushed more in different areas of society. She was pointing out that as early as a child's scool days, he or she should be taught that men and women are equal.

That was fair enough. But this got me thinking. What is gender equality? As far as I know, it strives for equal recognition between man and woman. Men should not be regarded as superior but instead should be treated as equals to women.

This puts women a step up in the pedestal because lets face it, we lived, are living and will probably live in a patriarchal society for a long time. But with this development should also come bitter changes against feminism. I believe that for total gender equality to push through, women should be stripped of any and all privileges they have as women. Seriously.

This does not include giving way to pregnant women. I believe they deserve special treatment because they are pregnant and not because they women. Case in point: they have a special health condition. They should be treated with extra care much in the same manner as one would treat a disabled or an elderly.

But I think that's it. The concept of "ladies first" should be abolished as women are to be treated as equals to men.