Sa Aking Probinsyang Batangas

I live in the wonderful city of Batangas and while I am enjoying the small city peace and probinsyano living close to my loved ones, there are still some stuff that really ticks me off and makes me wish I was living in the Metro.

Batangas City:

The city of Batangas is known as the "Industrial Port City of Calabarzon" and classified as one of the fastest urbanizing cities in the country today and the home of approximately 255,981 peace-loving, hospitable and hardworking inhabitants. It was proclaimed as a City on July 23, 1969 which became the accelerating point of trading, commercial and industrial activities in the locality. The city is presently classified as a Regional Growth Center and identified as one of the sites for the Regional Agro-Industrial center and Special Economic Zone as mandated by the Medium Term Philippine Development Plan and the Ecozone Act of 1995. This capital city is one of the nation's top revenue earning cities and the site of one of the biggest oil refineries in the Philippines. The ity is also hosting the first three power plants using natural gas with a combined capacity of 2700MW. It is located 112.00 kilometers south of Manila. The city's fine harbor was declared as an International Port and an alternate port of Manila. The city is a land of historical places, of fresh fruits and marine resources and of great opportunities for social and economic advancement.