Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li: FAIL

I am a big Street FIghter fan. I loved the old school video games. Too bad I don't have PS3 or an XBOX360. I'd really love to play Street Fighter 4 but for now I'm contented with watching videos on YouTube.

But I am an even bigger fan of Kristin Kreuk. I loved her on Smallville. And I enjoy watching her anywhere else. When The Legend of Chun-Li came out, I felt that it was a must-watch on the movie theater. I don't normally watch movies on movie houses unless they're really, really good. But somehow, I wasn't able to catch it.

Incidentally, the fact that I was not able to see it on the big screen was a good thing. I just saw the movie recently and IT. WAS. HORRIBLE. Why can't Kristin Kreuk pick good roles on movies? She's not a terrible actress, she can act. How come she only get terrible roles. And also, how can Capcom do this to their Street Fighter fans? It didn't need to be an Oscar movie but good God, at least give something to justify the great game.