Lourd De Veyra On Kris Aquino and Noynoy

Lourd De Veyra sings for local band Radio Active Sago Project. Though their words are appealing and amusing, I am not a fan of the band's music all together. I don't like what they did to Alkohol by the Eraserheads. But that's another story.

With his band's lyrical content, it did not come as a surprise to me to see that he is very opinionated about the country's political and social scene - a trait seen on other artists lke Bamboo and Jim Paredes.

What made me take a deeper look in him was an article of him about my favorite attention-sucker Kris Aquino and her elder brother Noynoy. I am not a Noynoy fan. Maybe partly because, for me, he still has lots to prove. He can't bank on genetics. And I doubt he'll pull off something presidential on his own in the remaining months before election. But mostly because I saw him getting bullied by his little sister. This may be a little colonially-influenced but big brothers being bullied by their younger sisters are greeted with the thumb and forefinger in the forehead. And that's how I saw it.

The way Lourd put it was very impressive.

Then I saw videos of him on TEN on TV5. Humor + Sarcasm + Relevance. I'm sold. I'm a fan.