Proper Gig Behavior

Very well said. While I have not attended any gigs or shows in a while, this just makes a lot of sense for me. I miss watching live bands and listening to live music.

Though I haven't been to the venue itself, saGuijo is probably one of the places I want to visit the most. I first learned about saGuijo because it is often mentioned by Sinosikat's Kat Agarrado.

When a gig happens, BOTH performer and patron enter an unspoken social contract. An audience member, by virtue of the cover charge they pay, has the RIGHT to either like or dislike any given band. No harm or foul in standing at the back of the club, looking bored and muttering, “man…these guys suck donkey ass.” The BAND, on the other hand, have the responsibility to ACCEPT this ambivalence and take it in stride (as Miggy and Marc ATTEMPTED to do with their little jokes). As performers, they know well enough that it comes with the territory. When you put yourself out there…when you EXPOSE yourself to the scrutiny and vulnerability that public performance brings…you really have no choice. Ganoon lang talaga ang buhay ng artista. Not everyone will necessarily love you. That shit’s an airtight FACT.

How I wish I live in a city with more musical density. Sometimes I want to move permanently or live somewhere else for a while.

from saGuijo Sept / 2009 post