Another Kris Aquino Post

I'm getting some heat from some Kris Aquino fans. Thats fine with me, I know not everyone will agree with me, but what is wrong with these people? Why can't they accept the fact that there are other people don't like Kris Aquino. I've made peace that Kris Aquino has thousands of fans and that they think Kris is a good person.

I want to make it clear that I don't hate Kris Aquino. I just don't like her. Why? Well, try this for starters. I never claimed that I was perfect. Also, I am not judging her, I am merely stating my opinion. I am free to do so. Its a free country.

My opinion of Kris is based on everything I see about her on media. As all of her fans said, her life is an open book. So I guess its pretty safe to say that her entire life is exposed. The Filipino people can say that thhey know Kris Aquino.

To this commenter who said I was an embarrassment because I judged Kris even though I don't know her: Mam, you also judged me without even knowing me personally.