Dilemma, Answering Your Own Question, Beating The Purpose

So will you blog even if you're not 100%? This is more applicable for MFA blogs/posts but also very essential for those blogging just for themselves or for their readers.

So I am tired as hell. Probably because I am not used to doing much physical activity lately. But I feel that there are lots I need to do or post. I can force myself to do it but I am sure that the results will also be less effective. Nevertheless, I got it done right?

So I am contemplating on posting/blogging when I am tired. I can still edit it later if I want anyway but I hate to produce mediocre results. I suffered from that long enough.

But even if Im not a hundred percent, I know pretty much I have the energy to go out later and have some fun. To some level, there is a guilt feeling in slacking off when you have things to do.

Would you feel guilty for holding out on work because you know you are too tired to produce excellent results (but not tired enough to go out and have fun)? Or would you just get it done for the sake of it?

I am really thinking of posting/blogging. Should I? Meh, you are reading this right? Fail.