Fae Fae Sisig

FaeFae is this small grill shop located accross Batangas. I know of two outlets - one in Alangilan, Batangas near the PNP Provincial Headquarters and there's another one in the middle of Lipa City.

FaeFae is really good. Their sisig is not the traditional sizzling sisig like the ones at Gerry's Grill. But its really good. A styrofoam-full is around 120php. Its enough for a night's inuman for a few people.

And it seems so easy to make. Watching the guys at Faefae, I see that all they do is chop up a chunk of liempo, then mix it with mayo, chopped onions and peppers (sili at paminta.)

Will post some pictures the next time I have some.

This post is fuelled by my sudden and strong craving for sisig.