Hay! Men! Ang Blog ng mga Tunay na Lalake Is Gone

I peaked at my reader subscriptions and saw a Paalam, baby post on Hay! Men! thinking its just another post with some funny anecdote. I thought they were going downhill and were having problems with commenters but this is still a big surprise.

The blog is wiped clean leave for the mentioned post. The league of ztarvuckz-loving Lil Zuplado, generic Mike Kosa lover, Muslim haters and emo kids might have gotten to them. Well, I wouldnt know for sure. The last post was made by Xyxo Loco, one of the first posters on Hay! Men! along with Chinaski and Kapitan Rakenrol. Those are the only original mods I remember.

And all this just after ther nomination for the Philippine Blog Awards 2009. And they were really big too.

Is it safe to say that its April 2009 - November 2009?

Wala na ang Hay! Men! Wala na ang mga Tunay na Lalake.

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Ok there is someone uploading all the Hay Men posts: Hay Men Zombie