Just How Big Was Hay! Men!?

Ok I just realized this because I don't Google their blog. They are saved on my favorites because I am a follower. When I tried to Google for Hay! Men!, I realized how big their blog got.

One term - Sitelinks.

For the non-informed, these are sitelinks -
(click images for larger view)

And its not easy to get these. Only well-established and well-structured websites and blogs get Google sitelinks. One source even said that your website should be at least two years old.

And that seemed true - these influential blogs have been around for more than two years and have their own beautiful site links:

Pinoy Money Talk:


Jehzlau Concepts:

But Hay! Men! has been around for only six months. Now that's something, I think. Anyway, Im starting to sound like a HayMen fanboy haha. Its just that I never really realized how powerful a blog can be. Viral content is really the way to go.