Memorable TV Patrol Experience

I was eating my dinner though I had a weird mix on my plate. I was eating siomai, corned beer, coned tuna, rice and loaf bread. Weird, but still very good.

I was sitting at the dinner table so I can't see the TV but I can hear it very vividly. And as I was about to take a bite on the soy sauced siomai on my fork when I heard this segment teaser before a commercial break. It came without warning.

Lalaki, di lamang pinatay sa saksak, kinain pa ng mga suspek.

(Man not only stabbed to death, but also eaten by his killers)

Yum, thanks Karen Davila. Thats just what I like to hear during dinner.

To their defense, they excused themselves before showing the actual segment but not before they juicily mentioned the tale of the 16-year old teenager twice before each coming commercial earlier.