More sTicKy CaPs Annoyance

Maybe for a very, very brief moment in time, sticky caps were cool. You know, those few days or weeks when they were new and seemed refreshing. Hell, I even did it in high school once or twice. But that was almost ten years ago!

What drives people to do this? Isn't it established yet that this is not cool but stupid and annoying? I am personally annoyed by this type of writing. Maybe they thought doing this is cool because lets face it, its harder to type this way.

Readers are not given an easier time too. Its hard to read G's and g's replaced with 6's and q's. It just doesnt make any sense. Where is the point in inserting extra e's h's and o's?

At first its funny. Well, extremely funny; but this must stop. It promotes mediocrity, its counter-productive and its just stupid and annoying.

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Yes, this seems to be something trivial and non-sensical to blog about but please, oh, please this really must stop!