Wynne Arboleda Incident

I am no sports fan or any sportsman of sorts. In fact, if anybody who knows me hear me talk about sports, there would be a long awkward pause and they'll stare at me in confusion. But after I saw this news and I read the updates, I just have to say this.

There really was no call for Arboleda to maul a spectator on courtside. Or was there? The reports that I read say that the audience member repeatedly cussed and insulted Wynne before the incident. He was provoked.

When you insult someone, its perfectly natural for them to retaliate. Its instincts. Mr. Katigbak had it coming. I don't play any sport but I know that during the game - when the clock ticks, emotions are multiplied. Pressure increases whatever emotion you feel.

Why would Katigbak curse at the players? Yes, there is also fan's rage - when fans are just as pysched up (maybe more) as the players. But there is absolutely no call for fans to cuss and insult the players in person during the game.

If fans can't hold their temper and start cursing at players, how would we expect players to do the same?

Also, why didn't his companions tell him off? Didn't their moms tell them its bad to curse at people? Or perhaps they're all cussing at Arboleda? I don't know.

After the incident, Mr. Katigbak was visibly upset and looked like still in fighting mode as he left the area. Reports say he even gave the finger.

Being the player, Arboleda could have been a bigger man. Athletes should take this kind of things into consideration when playing. And I believe they do and Arboleda does its just that, he lost composure.

I can say that they share fault here but I's have to side with Arboleda as more of a victim.

What makes me feel bad is a player is going to pay for his actions that were caused by someone else. Its not like the fan was just sitting there and the player out of nowhere just mauled him. And its not like the player insulted the fan first that triggered a cuss fight.

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