7 Funny-Stupid Cartoon Characters

The following are my top cartoon characters. Everyone has a favorite cartoon and in that cartoon, everyone has a favorite character. More often than not, the innocent but ignorant, lovable fellow turns out to be the most loved character.

heffer wolfeHeffer Wolfe - Heffer is fat and lovable cow adopted by a pack of wolves on Rocko's modern life. He is also Rocko's best friend. Heffer is always hungry eats a lot. He seems to be like a normal character leave for his idiotic acts.

Stimpson J. catStimpy - Stimpson "Stimpy" J. Cat is Ren's best friend from Ren and Stimpy. Another Nickelodeon classic (when Nickelodeon was still good.) Stimpy follows the somewhat stereotyped fat and stupid character sidekick. He is totally devoid of logic and reasoning.

FryFry - Philip J. Fry is from Futurama. Unlike the others, Fry is the lead character but he also plays the idiot. The Fry and Bender duo follows the same Ren and Stimpy formula however the lead character is the stupid one and the sidekick is the evil and smart one.

Ralph WiggumRalph Wiggum - Ralph hails from the city of Springfield. He is school mates with Lisa and Bart on The Simpsons. Innocent and well-meaning Ralph is the son of Springfield police officer Wiggum. He catches audience with his quick but nonsensical responses. Ralph rarely, if ever, makes any sense at all. That's why he is somewhat treated differently.

Homer SimpsonHomer Simpson - Perhaps funnier than Ralph because he is a grown-up. But Ralph, Doughnut-loving Homer lives a normal life and has a natural relationships with the other characters in the show. But that doesn't make Homer's stupid moments any less funnier.

Patrick Star - He is like Ralph and Stimpy but not totally devoid of logic and reasoning. He has hobbies and has a very funny relationship with his best friend Spongebob.

Butters ScotchLeopold "Butters" Scotch - Hands down, my favorite. Super innocent and gullible, Butters is friends with South Park's foul-mouthed four. Butters gets talked into staying into bomb shelters and refrigerators. He gets ninja throwing stars in his eye and queefed on on other occasions. Part of the reason I find him so funny is the diversity of stuff happening to him.

Pictures from Wikipedia.org