Another Mighty PR10 Backlink

On my other post, I discussed how to get a PR7 backlink. Now I stumbled upon something even more amazing.

I was playing through Google and its many, many services. I then remembered something like Google Accounts. So I googled it. (kinda redundant, lol)

I signed up for a Google Account and filled up those description boxes like you would on Facebook or Friendster. Then I saw one description field different from the rest. Something about it - it allowed links - captured me. So naturally, I made a link.

I checked and the link is a do-follow. If I am not mistaken, this is a mighty PR10 backlink. Unless I missed something here. If I didn't, then wow.

Another Mighty PR10 Backlink

I am a newbie at this and if anyone more experienced than me comes across this, can they confirm or disprove this?

Anyways, a link is always an entry to your blog so most of the time, its good - do-follow or not. ^^