Krista Ranillo's Wikipedia Page

I was reading rumors about Manny Pacquiao and Krista Ranillo last night when I did a Google search for Krista Ranillo. Several sources came up and I happen to open Wikipedia.

I was a little shocked when I saw Krista Ranillo's Wikipedia page. It read under Personal Life:

Krista Ranillo Wikirage

Pacman and Krista had a hardcore sex before the Cotto fight which led to Manny’s victory.

You won't see the statement now, its edited.

Jacque Bermejo Wikipedia came into mind. I thought to myself, are Filipinos this fast-reacting when they are angry? If we can remember, the Jacque Bermejo thing had a Wikipedia page merely hours or minutes after the issue exploded.

It was clear that someone was mad at Krista.

Then I remembered another first page result from Google - Wikirage. Sounds important for some reason. (I kinda connected the angry - rage thing, lol) Anyway, it was just what I was looking for. This is what wikirage does:
Wikirage tracks the pages in Wikipedia which are receiving the most edits over various periods of time. Popular people in the news, the latest fads, and the hottest video games, Internet memes, zietgeist, and trends bubble to the surface.
And the last entry on Krista Ranillo's page had several very recent edits:

wikipedia edits

So I checked the profile who last edited the page. Now I am not saying that this person put in the malicious statement. But the grammar looks and reads awfully similar.

I'll let you guys decide.


Yes, I saw this last night and went on to take screen shots but by the time I was done, the Wikipedia page was already edited. I didn't anyone noticed and it wouldn't be that big so I didn't work on a post last night. Then I saw today that covered it so I think it must be something. Ok, my comment there might be a little presumptuous, sorry.

But again, this is what I got. You guys decide.

This is just sad. Wikipedia is internationally known to be a good source of information. We shouldn't let incidents like these happen. Is this how Filipinos want to be known in the Wikipedia community and the rest of the world?

PS. Thanks to my previous job for teaching me to always take screen caps! ^^

Update: Commenter Eugene has disproved the relation between Mr. Solis and the said statement on Wikipedia. And apparantly, Wikirage is not very reliable. My mistake. Please check out his comment.