More Cafe World Tips And Guide

Cafe World Tips And Guide

Here are some more tips on the super-popular Cafe World.

Buzz - be careful of your cafe's buzz especially when it is approaching the cap of 105. The higher the buzz is, the faster it can go down if something goes wrong. I'll explain...

Remodelling - when re-arranging your furniture or trying the trapped waiters technique, watch the customers first before settling for the new set-up. Ensure that all customers are getting food. If not, re-arrange the furniture again. If some customers are not getting food, they will leave unhappy and give you a negative buzz. A 105 buzz can go down to 80 in a matter of seconds if some customers are not served.

Too many tables - try to observe how many customers are coming in and out of your cafe. The number of customers depend on how many waiters you have and your buzz rating. Do not buy too many tables. Even if you are at 105 buzz and you have the most number of waiters you can for your level, there is no use buying too many tables. Having more tables doesn't equate to more customers. If there are too many tables, some will just be left unused. On the flipside, ensure that you have enough tables for everyone to sit. if a customer comes in and finds no available table and leaves, thats negative buzz too.

Visiting and helping - when you want to visit and help all your neighbors, you can make it easier by not clicking on the "X" button everytime after you have eaten their food. After clicking OK, when the with your reward appears, just click on the next neighbor at the bottom and you will head to their cafe. Saves you time if you have like 25+ neighbors.