Bands That Suck Live - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

In earlier days, before a band gets a deal, they work their asses off and play as often as they can on clubs. They practice and record demo's and hope some producer will consider them. By the time they land their deal, they are very talented and excellent musicians. They are mature in musical technicality and sensibility.

These days however, it is a little different. With the explosion of digital media, musicians take a slightly different route when trying to land that record deal. But worse, digital processing alters music and gives us perfect studio songs. Maybe a little too perfect that some bands can't play it properly live.

I thought the idea wasn't real and no one would do such a thing for real especially after I saw it on The Simpsons.

But years later, it is evident that it is indeed done. Take notw that some of these bands do play good live, but not nearly as good as we'd like. Its like they can't even give justice to their own songs. You'd think mastery of their piece would give them a good command of their song. I am not looking for CD-exact playing -bands that play the exact same way as the CD shows lack of creativity- but decent enough for us, your audience, to see and hear what we loved on the CD, MTV and the radio. If you boast high notes on your songs, why not sing it live more often? Rather than always singing it toned down all the time.

Technical playing is not on the top of my list when listening to artists and bands. And talented player can play and excellent piece. What I am looking for is someone who can create and perform their piece without restrictions.

This shows that bands can ruin even their own songs. I give you the first of this series - bands that suck live.

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - I must admit I like their song "Your Guradian Angel" This is how its supposed to be done:

but the band insists playing it this way live: Can't deliver the power of the studio version?

Or maybe its cause its acoustic and unplugged. Lets see the fully plugged versions: