Don't call Jesus a "bro"

We've all seen several Facebook groups. Many are meaningful, many are funny and some are just plain stupid. But this one has got to be one of the best.

I am not very big on religion. Though I matriculated in a Catholic school and I do believe in God, I do not have a strong belief in religion. I hate when people equate God to religion. But that's a whole other story all together.

But this group though, I find very sensible and meaningful.

Don't call Jesus a "bro"

I guess it helps that I hate the show to start with including the evening programming. Thats why I find this group so relevant and significant.

Why do I hate the show you say? Because I hate the idea of the union between state and Church. This show is a glaring example of how the Catholic Church is tightly woven within matters of state - with priests being heavily involved in state and political matters. (If I hate it, why do I watch it? How come I know the story?) I don't watch it. I choose the lesser evil that is the other network if I have the chance. But its on on dinner time and everyone in the house watches it.

No, I don't have anything against Catholicism. I am Catholic. I just don't like it when religion is heavily involved in politics and politicians and corrupt priest start using the name of God inappropriately.

I do believe that politics should be guided by good, strong morals often thought in religious doctrines, but it should stop at that. Religion should not meddle with matters of the state. (cough, reproductive health bill, cough) Our ministry are starting to look like political figures. It sickens me.

Back to the topic - calling God the name "bro." I was surprised that the network had the audacity to do this. Even more, I was surprised that it caught on. Bro is a very common name now. I will not be surprised if many priests use the term in their sermons too. But who do you call "bro?" A friend? A companion? How about we call God "Pare" or "'Tol" Or technically lets try "Kapatid" Does it sound right? Not for me. And I am glad that it does not sound right for 1,400+ people too. At least I know I still have a bit of normalcy in me.

I guess it caught on since Jesus was hard to pronounce - two syllables (Je-sus) So when this term was introduced, it was embraced - one syllable (bro!) This is a sign of times I guess - everything shortened, everything rushed. But when you think about it, the term God only has one syllable too right? Why couldn't they have used that?

And you can bet your ass this issue won't be resolved. The network is raking in too much money to care. And the Church can go like " least we are introducing God to a wider audience, we should thank [insert network name here]"