KarenDayle.com Christmas Giveaway "What Is Your Memorable Christmas Experience"

Ok so I didn't win the other contest. I'll try this one. What the heck its free right?

First thing I have to write about is a memorable Christmas experience.

This should be easy. Christmas 2009 is easily the most memorable Christmas for me. Why? This is the year I find out that my girlfriend values her cellphone battery life and chit chatting with her friend to lend her sandals more than my well-being.

It sounds kinda sad and painful right? But the contest did say "memorable." They didn't say it should be joyous or a happy experience.

See, I was travelling by myself. I was using public transport and everyone I know can say that I am very, very stupid when it comes to travel directions. Well, all I am asking for is a little concern since it was getting late and I am travelling alone. But no, some things are more important than my safety. She needs to charge her phone and leave her house for two hours without even telling me. Whereas I stay up late every night to wait for her text just so I can have peace of mind that she gets to the office safely - a 30-minute ride by company shuttle. Am I over-reacting?

Battery Life > Me = FML

So much for Happy Holidays. I don't want to depress anyone who might read this. Just be glad you're not me.

Anyways, I want to say thanks to Karen's sponsors.

Thanks to: Candy Blush, PPESO, SKIPHEARTBEAT, Jhelo Cruz and breathe for LOVE for making this mini Christmas blog giveaway possible.