Adsense, Recent Posts or Theme Problem?

This has been bothering for a few days now.

Carlo Dimaandal

When I use the Recent Posts widget to navigate through this blog, the ads are not displayed. This is kind of a big deal since any SE traffic that comes in will check this widget as a navigational resource. And any traffic circulation within the blog using the widget yields no ads!

I navigated this blog using other means - Related Posts footer, going to the main page, using labels or the archive links. All other ways shows ads. So I thought its not the theme but rather the widget itself causing the problem. But I checked other blogs I believe are using the same Recent Posts widget. Their blogs show ads normally.

So I guess its the unlucky combination of this theme and the widget. I already had a problem with this theme, I am just about a hair-line away from dumping this theme and getting a new one.

I'd like to ask anyone who reads this a favor. Please check and see if the ads are not displaying on you end, too. Then please leave a comment so I further work on this. Many thanks and Happy New Year!