Today Is Eminem Day

Eminem is one of the very few Hip-hop artists I like. Its a big deal for me when I like rap artists because I am not at all a big fan of the genre.

Critically acclaimed The Marshall Mathers LP is my favorite Eminem album and one of my favorite albums overall. My favorite cuts would be Stan, The Way I Am and Marshall Mathers.

Even though he is a Caucasian, he is a lot better than most of the novelty rap trash coming out and getting ridiculously popular today.

Listening to him makes me appreciate a rap. I find rap really monotonous. I feel that if you hear one rap song, you hear them all. Not with this guy.

Part of his appeal to fans is his never-ending beef with other celebrities. I think this is just icing to the cake. Anyone can diss another celebrity and make a nasty song about another MC but no one raps like Eminem and makes music like him.

Not convinced? Four million views, 200+ thumbs up on each of the 6000+ comments on this video.