Two Very Encouraging Blog Posts For Adsense Beginners

Blogging for money is a relatively new concept to many. Let alone blogging for a living. But it is slowly and surely introducing itself to more people. The promise of making a lot of money in the comfort of your own home is promising. But many turn away during the initial stages.

The initial stages are the hardest parts of making money online - technically and mentally. The comfort of earning money from home and having your own schedule has its trade-off's. The return of income is not fast. It takes months even years for some to get that first Google check.

I certainly felt that way. But I found a few blog posts that really help beginners and I hope it'll help you too.

The Three-Digit Zeroes by Marhgil Macuha

- really encouraging for those earning $0.00 everyday. As a newbie blogger, you may find it discouraging to build links and write posts everyday and still be greeted by 0.00 every single day too. Just read this post if you feel that way.

US $3.52 for 1 day by Google Adsense! by Jehzeel Laurente

- If you are a Filipino blogger and you don't know Jehz is, then you should. In many ways, he is a giant in Philippine blogging. Here, I just want to underscore the fact that everyone has to start somewhere. He didn't start off earning several dollars a day, no one does. Even giants take small, baby, learning steps first. $3.52 is far from what he is earning nowadays. I wish I can earn as much as him someday.

Just remember one of the golden rules of blogging - keep blogging. Don't stop. The world is a wonderful place, you will never run out of things to write about. You just need to have the will to write them.