Wise Words From The Queen

Celebrities have golden lips and mouths that everything they say seem to immediately have a mark on our minds and we brand them as unquestionable facts. But as Spider-man says: "With great power comes great responsibility."

This I saw last night on SNN. I can't help but watch since mom was watching. There was this feature on the PBB pair Melai and Jason or MelaSon (may lason? lol) In the middle of the discussion about the each one's sincerity to each other, the media queen blurted something on the lines of:

"Di bale nang di totoo, basta kilig..."
(Never mind if its not the truth as long as it feels good)

When asked seriously by her co-host about this, she quickly replied that she is serious.

Wow. But not really wow. Kinda expected of her. I feel bad for her husband.

Never mind if one person is lying. The truth bares no significance as long as we are happy and kilig.

What ever happened to Honesty is the best policy?

Another reason I won't be voting for her brother this coming 2010 elections.