I Won A Blog Contest And Why You Should Join One Too

I won in KarenDayle.com's Christmas Giveaway! And its just my second time joining a blog contest too!

I didn't win any major prizes which I was hoping to get like free domain names and hosting. But still, I won something! I think this is the first time I won anything. Yay!

I saw my name on the list and got initially excited but then I thought there are a bazillion other people with my name so there is a good chance its not me. But when I checked my email, I confirmed that it was me.

I won 100Php load. Ok, again not that much, but still its free! But more importantly, I discovered a few things about blog contests and why you should start joining contests too.

The prize - this is a no-brainer. The main reason you join a contest is because of the prize. Its a contest, so you'll get something free. And blog contest prizes are really something too. I saw a contest with $6000 worth of prizes.

Its easy - blog contest requirements are next to nothing literally. Most of them just asks you to create a blog post and/or tweet/digg/stumble upon something and thats it. Some contests require you additional steps like take a photo of something. These are activities that the normal internet-savvy person (i.e. most likely, YOU) does everyday. So why not get something out of it for free right?

The chances - Random.org is getting more and more popular and this is good. So that means you have equal chances with everyone else. Some contests require you to do something more for additional points. But still, these are not something that a regular netizen does.

Exposure - When you join a contest, they often ask you to leave a comment for your entry. So thats traffic right there. And since a contest post is most likely a high-traffic post, you get more and more traffic depending on how popular the contest is. And if you win, you get more exposure especially if the announcement links to you. Bonus - if the contest links to you, then thats a good PR backlink. Since for most of the time, big time blogs (i.e. high PR) hosts contests, you get a good quality backlink.

Im really not surprised that there are blogs like The Contest Geek. These contests are some of the under-rated and less mentioned rewards or blogging. Join blog contests now! Thanks again to Karendayle.com

PS: writing a post on a Saturday night - how much of a loser am I? lol