Infolinks Review, Tips and Experiences

Infolinks is without a doubt a very good compliment to Adsense and other ad programs if you are trying to make money by blogging. I have seen many reviews and posts from bloggers favoring it over popular rival Kontera.

It invites more clicks because a tiny pop-up box appears when you hover an Infolinks-targeted keyword. This is not common in many websites and it attracts curiosity and thusly, clicks. Moreover, since I signed-up for Infolinks, I have never had a zero-click day (except for one day when I edited my blog and the Infolinks code got messed up - my fault) Even at the start when I am only getting around a hundred pageviews daily, I always had one or two clicks at least.

You can still improve this with

With this code, you can prevent Infolinks from showing up on unwanted areas. You can target only your content for best ctr results. Just place the INFOLINKS_OFF before any part of your blog that you don't want Infolinks to appear and the INFOLINKS_ON code before any part you want Infolinks to show up.

For example, if you are using a Feedjit widget like I am and you dont want Infolinks to show up on widget use this code:

Because the Feedjit code is placed after INFOLINKS_OFF, no Infolinks will appear on the on the widget and since there is INFOLINKS-ON after the Feedjit code, Infolinks is activated again anywhere after the widget.

INFOLINKS_OFF - anything following this code will have NO Infolinks
INFOLINKS_ON - anything following this code will have Infolinks

Another good thing I like about Infolinks is it pays via Paypal so payee names wont be a problem.

A small drawback with Infolinks though, is that there are more cases of $0 clicks than Adsense. Because in when your Adsense is properly targeted and your blog is in a well-defined niche, you wont need to worry about $0 clicks.