LOTR Is Such A Sausage Fest

I am not a fan of the series. But I have a lot of respect for it and its followers. I can see how people like it and I see the literary and cultural greatness it offers. LOTR is unlike other popular movies banking on pretty actors and pretending to be literary works. *cough, sparkling faggot vampires, cough*

Speaking of actors, late tonight, I am scrolling through the millions of channels available on our TV. lol We only have five channels. Nothing good was on at this late hour and I was ready to turn off the TV like I often do. But then I saw LOTR: Two Towers. I figured I'd watch it even though I know next to nothing about the series. I'll just watch it for the fight scenes and computer graphics or any intersting scenes that might come up. This is perfect since I can't pay full attention to the TV because I am also on the Internet.

And as I was glancing every now and then between the scenes of the Hobbits, Elves and whatnot, I noticed one thing. LOTR is one huge sausage fest! Yes, it had Liv Tyler but thats it! Chicks are spread very thinly throughout the movie. Maybe thats why it got a huge female following too. With the very limited supply of females, the action, fight scenes, story and the movie itself must be that good that it got such a huge fan base.

But still, I say it can use a little more hot chicks time. But thats just me. lol