This Is A PR1 Blog Now! Yay!

PageRank is Google's way of deciding a page's importance. It matters because it is one of the factors that determines a page's ranking in the search results. It isn't the only factor that Google uses to rank pages, but it is an important one. - Webworkshop

Finally after months of being an NA-Page Rank blog, this blog is now a PR1 blog. Yay!

Page Rank Check

A few things I have learned:

Links - I think what has helped me most are the links I got from link-building. Making a blog roll really helped. I wonder why I waited for months before I made a blog roll. lol

Traffic - I read somewhere that this is important too. But from my experience, this is not as important as links. I've had more traffic on this blog before but this was still an NA-Page Rank (back then). My traffic has tremendously decreased now because I don't hi-jack keywords on this blog anymore. I want this blog to be a purely personal blog. All my traffic are residual SE traffic and from blog-hopping.

Page Rank

Also, some of my other blogs are PR1 too! I guess Google just did a PR update.