Chillin' With Chitika

I just recently realized that I am eligible for my first payout with Chitika. I got a whopping $10! =)

I know its not much compared to other money makers like Adsense or Infolinks but $10 is $10. I didn't expect it to compete with other ad programs anyway. In fact, I almost forgot I have Chitikat in some of my blogs and I have not optimized ads for it for some time. I even planned to take it out once I get my first payout. I thought that its just stealing clicks away from my other ads. But I decided not to. Here's why -

Chitika has one characteristic that sets it apart from many other ad programs - it has an option to appear only to Search Engine traffic. That means if your readers came from a search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing; that is the only time they will see your Chitika ads. If your readers came from somewhere else (from other links on the web or directly to your blog) they will not see the ads.

But if my ads don't get more impressions, I don't get clicks too - isn't that bad?

Not really.

a) - Chitika is a great compliment to other ads (Adsense, Adbrite) For non-SE readers, there are always other ads to help you.
b) - SE readers are the ones will most likely click on your ads since they are looking for something. Chitika knows this thats why thet have the option to only show ads when your reader is from a SE.

Another good characteristic of Chitika is its ads are super-targeted. The ad displayed is based on the keyword that the reader searched for. For example - if a reader searched for the term "blogging" and saw your blog post about the subject and read your blog, the Chitika ads that will be displayed will be based on that exact keyword. And Chitika shows that to your reader. It gives the reader a feeling of personalization. The reader thinks and feels that your blog knows what he needs.

The reader sees that your blog has what he is looking for, your blog has what he needs.

If that super-targeted ad does not attract clicks, I don't know what will! =)

Based on my experience, Chitika CPC or cost per click is also relatively good and very stable. My Chitika CPC does not spike up or down. In fact, I decided to leave it on since its only stealing a few clicks from other ads. Even with just a few clicks daily, I got $10! And I wasn't even paying much attention to it.

Chitika has a lot of other unique features that sets it apart from other ad networks which makes it a great tool for making money online. No, it won't replace your main money making programs but its a great addition to your cash generating arsenal. My only regret is that I didn't optimize for it and realized it full potential earlier .

Chitika pays via Paypal (min $10) or check (min $50)

Sign-up with Chitika now and learn more about Chitika. Signing up is totally free.

Update: Just got the payment in my Paypal. Cant wait to withraw it on my EON account.

Chitika payment
Its actually $12.42!