Opening An EON Account In Union Bank For Paypal In The Philippines

So even though I got my Google check weeks ago, I only got around to what do it with it today. After much deliberation, I have decided to open an account in Union Bank.

I called up Citibank and they said that I can only encash it in Makati. I considered that but I thought it'd be too much of a hassle. With the time and money I'll be spending just for a small amount, its not worth it.

So after asking a few bloggers, I just decided to open up an account in Union Bank. Why Union Bank? They have EON. I can use that for Paypal. Paypal works for ad services like Infolinks among other Internet transactions.

What do you need to open an EON Account?

- two Valid ID's (they need photocopies of these. two copies each)
- SSS and TIN
- 350 Php - you pay when you get the card. This is an annual payment.

Thats it. You just fill up the application form and check after a week. You can deposit checks to that account and withraw via ATM. (no OTC withrawals) I plan to deposit my Google check onto this account if and when its approved.

So far so good, Union Bank.