Why Uglier Women Need To Wear Sexier Clothes And Why They Shouldn't

So I just got to thinking. With the popularity of sexier outfits, its hard to see who is really pretty out there or who is just relying on skin.

It is no secret that men are drawn to women who show more skin. And equally, women love the attention. They can hide behind all the "its comfortable, its so hot" all they want. But truth is they enjoy the staring eyes.

So for guys, next time you see a woman wearing sexy spaghetti straps and short shorts and think that she really looks pretty, think again. Imagine if she were wearing regular pants and a t-shirt. Would she look as pretty.

A real pretty and sexy woman will turn heads no matter what she is wearing.

Why write about this? Because guys are at a disadvantage. Its instinct - a natural reflex - to look at beautiful women. We can't help it if we see a sexy cleavage or long, beautiful, flawless legs. That doesn't mean were perverts, its just, again, instinct. If you keep looking and stare - that's perverted. And this is a problem when we are on dates. If the girlfriend notices our wandering eyes and extended necks, its trouble. A fight will almost certainly follow. The thing is, if I'm gonna get in a fight with the gf, I'd make sure its worth it. I don't want her getting mad at me for accidentally looking at some ugly girl wearing sexy clothes. See my point?