9 Fun Facts About Filipino Comedy Movies

A few disclaimers first. 1) I am a 90's kid. So most of the things I'll write here are from comedy films I saw back in the days. 2) I don't watch local comedy (and romantic comedy films) anymore so this list might or might not be applicable to more current films.

This list is in complement to my 15 Fun Facts About Filipino Action Movies list. So what are we waiting for? Let's do it.

1. Many local comedy movies follow a certain plot --> use something or someone popular, throw in a little slapstick, create a conflict out of nowhere, then a resolution, end of story.

2. Since many of the comedy films follow a certain plot, a comedy film can be based on practically anything. Just use the most popular comedian, song, expression or issue as the main attraction. If not, they spoof a foreign movie or concept.

3. There should always be a sing-and-dance number either at the beach, a pool or an amusement park.

4. If the story permits, a side story of a love team is added to augment the strictly-followed formula.

5. The conflict will almost always be kidnapping.

6. When its time to rescue the captives, the seemingly always-jolly heroes reveal their superior martial arts skills.

7. And just like in the previous list, the final battle will be at at a warehouse or bodega of some sort.

8. Also from the other list, the cops will show up last.

9. The movie will end with a hint of the sequel if there is a sequeal already planned and then with a final slapstick then a chase scene.