Google Proves That Filipinos Are Crazy About Skin Whitening discussed a topic on beauty and I was surprised (at first) to see our beloved Philippines.

It was about Skin Whitening. Skin Whitening Philippines! Reading at this time of the day, I could care less about the topic except maybe if it has significant information on SEO or keyword ideas. But the last image on that post caught my attention 100% :

Skin Whitening Philippines
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Its a Google Trends inquiry on skin whitening. And the Philippines is in commanding lead on the volume of searches on the term around the world!

If you are not familiar with Google Trends, its a web service from Google that shows how much a term is serached. You can check the actual Google Trends results for skin whitening for yourself. Pakistan is in a distant second with what looks like a mere half of the searches Filipinos do.

This just proves that Filipinos are crazy about getting fairer skin.