Marvel vs Capcom 3 Is Official

Fanboys rejoice. Marvel vs Capcom 3 is official. After a decade of waiting and wishing, its finally here.

For years, it seemed that it wasn't happening because of several reasons.

1. Marvel moved to Activision for its video game projects.
2. 2D fighting games lost steam with the birth of the next systems like PS3 and XBOX360.
3. The big companies didn't really want to see it happen (it seemed.)

For years, fans made do with Mugen games and just thinking "What could have been...?"

Then Capcom began pumping out remixed/remastered titles like the Street Fighter HD Remix and the re-made Marvel vs Capcom 2. I guess the re-made MvC2 was sort of a test if people will still continue to support the franchise. And I guess they got the response they wanted.

MvC2 is one of those classic games that will never grow old like Street Fighter 2 and the old Megaman games.

I am just a little concerned about the game's format. Will it be in 3D? Because very few games made a successful port from 2D to 3D. Very few. But the music sounds kick-ass though.

Shinkuu Hadouken!