My Comment Policy

Since my PR3 update, I have decided to promote my blog a little to get more traffic since this blog is a dofollow.

I was excited for a while to get an increase in comments but I got spam. I have comment moderation on so I thought it wouldn't be a problem. But I'm just getting spam comment after spam comment.

Makes me wish I have Akismet over here.

So if you are going to leave a comment here, you have to follow these:

1. Absolutely NO LINKS on the comment body unless they are related to the content. Even so, it will still be my prerogartive to publish or not publish the comment as I see fit.

2. No "Awesome" or "Nice Post" comments. Its painfully obvious that you are just here for the dofollow link. At least read the post and leave something meaningful.

3. Absolutely NO KEYWORDS as comment author. Use your name or nickname.

4. Again, it is my prerogative to publish a comment or not as I see fit for any reason.

Thanks :)