Social Media Helps Customer Service And CUSTOMERS!!

I am not new to the world of customer service. In my few years of stay I have seen but a few means of customer interaction - live person, through the phone and chat support. But now big companies are utlizing a whole new platform - social media.

I feel that this is a time when the face of customer service is changing. Social Media has made the world of customer service much better.

I applaud companies using Twitter and Facebook to reach their customers (and potential customers.) I had excellent customer from Union Bank through Twitter.

Then just recently I received my Globe bill and it went up from the usual 1k to 1.7k. To my surprise (and delight) Globe had Facebook people who will help you with your inquiries. You can send them a private message on FB during office hours.


Visit their page Globe Fan Page.

Their response is not as real-time as traditional means (calling or chat support), but their presence in social media means a lot. Customers no longer have to go to the company website for support or write an email. Customer don't have to chase after the big companies anymore, the big companies right there where the customers are. I like it. That's brilliant marketing and customer support if you ask me. Why those big companies didn't think of this back in the Friendster days I do not know, but I am glad they thought of this now.

Moreoever, this is a win-win situation. Aside from great customer service experience, companies save a lot. No longer do they need to setup expensive customer service platforms like a chat support or telephony system. All they need are a few people to man their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Training these people will be easier too, since everyone is on Facebook and Twitter these days.

Good job, Internet, Social Media and big companies like Globe and Union Bank!