2 Reasons Why "Harapan" Sucks

1. Candidates just end up bitching about each other. We don't need to see their wits against an opponent's personal issues. Sure they start up with a "issue at hand" but every statement just ends up becoming a personal attack.

Sure they're all smart and all that and they have plans, platforms and all that they want to talk about but at the end of the day, Harapan is just a battle of the catchiest and most emotionally-powered lines thrown by the candidates at each other. Lines that often deviate from the issue at hand and just end up to be petty personal attacks.

2. ABS-CBN didn't see that in the first Harapan and chose to do another round with no changes whatsoever.

Sad thing is people will still eat this up and ABS-CBN can continue palying its role as a "credible news organization."

Harapan - Its dramatic and emotional. But is this what we need?