LG Cookie Wifi KM555 In Depth

Update: Selling an LG KM555e Cookie Wifi.

Just the other day I got an LG Cookie KM555 from the LG Store at SM Batangas.

LG Cookie Wifi KM555

This is marketed in the Philippines as LG Cookie Wifi and was launched with two other "Cookie" phones. But this phone is internationally known as LG Clubby.

It costs Php 7,990. Pretty cheap for a wifi phone. That's because its lacking several features other touch-screen phones have (like 3G). Anyway, here are my thoughts on the phone in depth:

Camera. The camera is 3 MP but it has no flash and the quality is below average for me. There is also no option to turn off the shutter sound. That's pretty dumb, LG.

Wifi. The wifi is horrendous. Its supposed to be this phone's selling point and they did not work on it well enough. There are a bunch of useless features in the phone that they could have taken off like image and video editing to enhance the wifi experience. The wifi is so damn slow.

The wifi speeds feel like I'm using GPRS. But my access point offers up to 3mbps download speed. That's unacceptable. Its like they put in wifi just for the sake of saying "this phone is wifi capable."

The phone sometimes freezes when you look for a wifi spot using the Phone Status screen (touching the clock/battery icon on top). It goes to a blue screen of death (like Windows, lol) and you have to remove the battery. Removing the battery is so damn hard too!

Browsing. The built in browser is no good. Good thing it has a built-in Social Networking app with Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. If you ask me, they could have ditched MySpace and just added something else. It also has a built-in Google app which launches Google search, Blogger, Gmail and YouTube. The built in browser is slow as hell. I had to download Opera Mobile Red for a better browsing experience.

Touch Screen. Touch screen resposnse is fairly good. I got so used to my iPod Touch that I forgot that I was using a resistive touchscreen phone. But after a few days of use, I can say its fairly good. But still not as good like higher end phones like the Sony Ericsson P1i I had or the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

Texting. It takes a while to get used to since there is no keypad. But what I hate is the absence of the choice to not save sent items. I don't see the use of sent items. It just clutters up phone memory (40mb for the LG KM555). And you know what happens when the phone memory gets low on mobile phones - it freezes and/or restarts. If the messaging system uses external memory, I'd have no problem with it.

Feel / Exprience. The phone also has an accelerometer for Menu, text and video usage. But the accelerometer response is also terrible. Times like these, I miss Apple's philosphy - "if you can't do it exceptionally well, don't do it at all." I find the tri-wallpaper system useless. It has a lot of this and that when all I want are shortcuts to a few things - New Message, Calendar, Music Player, Camera, Wifi and Browser - shortcuts that they can provide me in one screen.

I also hate the fact that there are extra icons on the menu and yet I can't access all my settings in one screen. All the settings are scattered and I had to look for all the Vibrate/Touch/Tone/Screen settings one by one to get the preferences I need. I feel that they just put in additional icons to make the landscape menu screen look full and even.

I don't like the vibrate function of phones in general. I think they just eat up battery life, that's why I always turn them off everytime.

I also don't like the fact that the phone does not have a slot to put in the stylus. Although its very possible to use your fingers all the time, I like to have my stylus wherever my phone is everytime so that I can use it anytime I want to.

Also take note, this phone is a full touch screen phone and the display size is 3-inches. Battery life will drain out faster compared to similar phones with smaller screens.

Music. Speakers are just ok. But when I plug it into headphones or external speakers, I hear the phone's music shortcomings. Though it has Dolby Presets, I can't hear the full sound quality I'd like from its stock earphones. The Nokia 3110 (a lower-class phone model) sounds a lot better with its stock earphones. The volume control is not intuitve. I have to confirm everytime I increase or decrease the volume. I just want to press up or down and that's it. I don't want to click OK everytime I change the volume. -- I was stupid. You can actually just leave it.

What it comes with:

Software - mini CD
Phone-to-computer USB connector
Screen Protector

I really like that it comes with a screen protector and its relatively easy to install.

Display: 240 x 400 pixels, 3.0 inches, Full resistive Touch Screen
3G: No
WLAN: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth Yes, v2.1 with A2DP
Camera: Primary 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, Secondary None

But then again for well below 10k for a wifi phone, its a steal. If you're the casual user and not that much of a tech savvy person, you might want to consider this phone if you're thinking of buying a new phone soon.

Update: Tough luck if you're planning to buy the phone and looking for a "shining" review of the product and got disappointed after reading this. This is my personal experience with the phone with my first few days of use. Your taste and preferences are different from mine. If you want to buy it, don't let me stop you. I'm no expert, I'm not famous and you don't even know me - why should my opinions matter that much to you?

Update 2: LG Cookie Wifi KM555 justified.