Willie Revillame vs Jobert Sucaldito : 4 Reasons Why Willie Should Not Be On TV

"Sa gitna ng Wowowee show kanina, binuweltahan ni Willie Revillame ang umanoy walang tigil na pambabatikos sa kanya ng showbiz reporter na si Jobert Sucaldito. Hindi naman natinag si Sucaldito at iginiit ang karapatan niyang maghayag ng opinyon. Nagpa-Patrol Gretchen Fullido. TV Patrol World, Martes, Mayo 4, 2010"

Reasons that further prove that Willie Revillame should not even be on TV:

1. Willie Revillame is pikon. (I'm not trying to be conyotic, but I can't find a proper English tanslation for the word to convey the meaning I want to point out.) Jobert Sucaldito is a showbiz columnist. He "insults" people for a living. Willie, being a man of laughs and punchlines, should have just let this go. And even if he felt that Jobert Sucaldito has crossed the line, there are more civil and professsional ways to air out his sentiments.

2. Willie Revillame is unprofessional. The problem is between him and Jobert Sucaldito. Why the hell should he drag his employer's name into the whole mess? That is not the way you treat the hands that feed you. What an ungrateful employee!

3. Willie Revillame is a girl. This is a girl move by Willie. C'mon man, grow some balls. You opted for the "tough guy" approach and yet you end up just whining and bitching YET AGAIN on national TV.

4. Willie Revillame is arrogant. He has the audacity to drag his employer's name to this mess and then he threatens them that he will leave if they don't do what he wants? What's sadder is that ABS-CBN is so mum about this. It's as if Willie is a big stock holder or a a big boss or something. He is just a fu*king talent!

What's sad is that Willie will NOT resign. He has far too many monetary obligations to take care of. In the very unlikely event that ABS-CBN makes him resign, I am sure he'll be begging for his show back. Take note - this is highly unlikely because...

ABS-CBN will not make him resign. When push comes to shove, they're gonna fire Jobert Sucaldito. ABS-CBN can't afford to lose Willie for obvious monetary reasons. Even though Wowowee is a big, monotonous, non-sense, non-entertaining excuse for a TV show promoting stupidity; it is still one of ABS-CBN's (if not, the) top money makers.

Just look at what Willie has done:
  • Killed more than 80 people in the Ultra Stampede and got away with it
  • Scared Lara Quigaman away when she wouldn't sleep with him
  • Desecrated the funeral rites of a former president who is practically a heroine
  • Made fun of contestants everyday. Real comedians don't use other people's misfortunes for punchlines, you jerk.
  • Promoted and still is promoting skimpy, inapproprite clothing during lunchtime when kids are watching

You can debate the vaidity of the above points for all I care. To me, they're all true.

And yet here is still, re-hashing everyday activities on his show.

I kinda feel bad that great people of the industry people like Palito die in poverty and scums like Willie roll around in riches. I really hope karma somehow takes care of him when he grows old.