LG KM555 Justified

Update: Selling an LG KM555e Cookie Wifi.

Because of the overwhelming number of comments I got, (overwhelming daw? lol, di lang ako sanay na madami nagcocomment dito, lol) I'm gonna write another post about the LG KM555. While I really don't mind the fact that people didn't like my review because I sounded like whiny complainer (is there such a word?), I still feel that I need to do justice for the phone. It's actually a decent phone.

One of my biggest mistakes was setting my expectation. I had this notion in my head that since it's a touch screen phone, it's high-end model or at least it's in that area. It's not. It's a mid-range phone. Or maybe in the upper echelons of mid-range phones. But still, it's mid-range. You'll find the usual stuff - camera, integrated music player, MMS / Web support.

I know I said that the Wifi is horrendous. But it turned out ok. Which is weird. I was disappointed because our (my gf and I) initial Net experience with the phone's Internet was that terrible. We bought the same unit the same day. And we were both having problems with the Internet using the free Wifi at the mall. Take note, the free Wifi at the mall is actually very, very good and I've had no problems with it whatsoever prior to using the KM555 then. My iPod Touch didn't have a problem then. When we got home, we tried again. This time with my router. Now I admit my router is pretty crappy but we were sitting not more than three feet away from the router and we were still having problems.

Weeks later, this problem went away with me doing nothing about it. It's much better now. The connection doesn't drop as much. And I can do something with this phone that I can't do with the iPod Touch - stream YouTube videos! Yup, for some reason, my iPod Touch can't stream YouTube videos. (prolly my router slowly dying and dying) But the KM555 can. And it's pretty good. The only problem though is that it freezes on some videos. And when it does that, you have to remove the battery.

Another good thing I really like about the phone is that you can lock from any screen with one button press. I mean, even if you're deep within the phone menu, you can lock it anytime. It's unlike other phones where you have to exit out of everything first and return to the home screen before locking. While it may just be just a few keypresses and doesn't seem like a big deal, it means a lot when you're in a hurry.

Sound / music is pretty ok too. I might have spoken a little too early in my first post. I still don't like the stock earphones (because Nokia includes much better earphones for a lower-end phone, music-wise), listening using different earphones makes a lot of difference.

This little things about the phone has grown on me. I am starting to enjoy it more. I'm even thinking of creating a blog just for the phone.