I Want To Move To WP

Dammit I really want to move to a self-hosted blog. I've thought about it for a while and I was about to do it but today I realized it's harder than I thought.

I have no problems with the domain or the host. I am actually using two webhosts, one given to me by Jehz (great guy btw, you should check out his blog) and another one I bought for myself cause I don't want to be a parasitic creature who thrives on freebies. I bought my hosting along with a few domains because I felt that I had a golden idea at the time. Now my hosting and domains are just sitting there doing practically nothing. I did learn a little bit about managing domains and hosting though, so that's all good.

The Move.

As much as I love Blogger, I feel that I need to move to Wordpress. I could have just left this blog at http://carlodimaandal.blogspot.com which is what is originally was.

My first problem was the internal links. I have been linking to http://carlodimaandal.com/THERESTOFMYPOSTURL since March 2010 when I first got this .com domain for free. Five months (and counting) internal linking in my posts will direct to 404's and SEO would be totally messed up. But I figured I can sacrifice that. This is not such a hot SEO blog anyway.

But my bigger problem is my Alexa ranking, Google PR and my Blogsvertise profile. I am almost positive that my PR is tied to the domain name but my Alexa ranking will surely go down. I don't know what that'll do to my Blogsvertise profile. Worse comes to worst, if everything is screwed, I'm gonna have to start from zero again which is NOT cool.

I know I don't make that much from Blogsvertise but money is money. I can use those few extra bucks every few months to buy stuff that I need.

Also, I don't want to buy a new domain just to have something hosted on my webhost. That's stupid.

Oh well, I guess carlodimaandal.com will have to stay on Blogger for the meantime.