Buying A DSLR Camera In The Philippines

At least I think I'm getting some progress. I've had a few concerns but things are moving along. I have contacted a few merchants and I feel that my purchase is nearing. (yay!)

First, I added the owner of Gadget Grocery on Facebook and sent him a message. Turns out, their website was just temporarily down. But they are out of my list anyway. Their Canon 500D is at 33k.

I left a comment on DBGadgets' Multiply page and the response came several days later. I guess they have lots of customers. They wouldn't mind losing me as a customer then. lol :)

I think I'm going for Ebuystore. Aside from having the cheapest price, they're the one I found easiest to communicate with. I added all their agents on YM but sadly they are not responding. Their email support, however, is ok. I'm getting good responses.

I know that all of them, if not most, have cellphone numbers I can text or call. But I hate talking through text. Texting is ok for me for casual conversations, not for something I'm going to spend a lot of money on.

I am now really opting to get this thing delivered. With the cost of travel and food plus the stress of commuting, it's just not worth it. I'd rather spend a few hundred Pesos having the thing delivered. It'll cost more to go to Manila anyways.

Also, I went to the mall the other day and I checked out the mall price of the Canon 500D. It is priced at a whoping 42,000 Pesos! Holy shit! Yugatech's post on gadgets' street price is kind of timely for me. hehe

Back to buying online, another good thing about Ebuystore is that they ship free. Now I'm trying to see if they can insure the package. I'm willing to pay for the insurance. I can't afford couriers messing it up.

I'm really crossing my fingers and hoping that I get this before October ends.