I Have Toasted Skin Syndrome

So that's what it is!

This condition posts a lot of ironies.

What is it? It's basically discoloration on the skin because of prolonged exposure to heat. I found out that severe cases can lead to skin cancer. How ironic that I risk getting skin cancer and yet I barely go outside.

toasted skin syndrome

And yes, I do have toasted skin sydrome right on my lap.

toasted skin syndrome

I always have my laptop on my lap while lying in bed and that's how I got it. Good thing is that it goes away when the heat source is removed. But that will take months.

What's worse, having a heat source near your genitals for extended periods of time may cause fertility problems too. This is telling us to NOT use our laptops on our laps, how ironic.

Lesson : It is possible to get toasted skin syndrome from laptops!